Occupations with the Highest Risk for Head Injuries Concussions

Gerald Brody risk for head injuries

A head injury or brain injury can have serious, long-lasting repercussions. A severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) might even require life-long care. Although many professionals face some degree of TBI risk, it is often underestimated.

Helmets and other protective gear may not provide a complete defense against head injuries. Even what seems like a minor accident should be reported immediately – and those involved should get a prompt medical examination to rule out head trauma.

How likely is a brain injury in San Diego?

Over the years, many industries have worked hard to institute higher safety standards. It is everyone’s duty to work together and support reasonable safety in the workplace. Still, serious injury is possible – and that’s even true here in beautiful San Diego.

Let’s consider some occupations where people are at highest risk for head injuries:

Construction Workers are most likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury

Construction workers remain, by far and away, the category of people most likely to suffer a traumatic injury to the brain. TBIs, unfortunately, remain common on construction work sites despite clear efforts to control them. Falling debris can cause serious brain injuries even when appropriate safety gear is worn. When operating equipment, a moment of inattention can seriously harm someone.

Emergency First Responders can get blows to the head

First responders may find themselves in dangerous situations where blows to the head can occur. This is especially true for firefighters, who are called upon to work quickly in buildings that may be on the verge of collapse. During an emergency, what seems like a light blow to the head can cause a concussion. Internal bleeding may also occur without the victim’s knowledge.

Manufacturing, Logistics, and Warehouse Professionals

Anytime heavy equipment is in use, there is the possibility of head trauma. In today’s large-scale warehouse and logistics operations, this is especially true. Palletized material is often moved quickly from one place to another. A single crate could be heavy enough to cause devastating injuries were it to fall on someone.

The Best Legal Representation is Crucial to Your Head Injury Case

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury to the head, don’t wait. Symptoms can take time to arise. Even if you see a doctor right away, the prognosis isn’t always clear. To defend your legal rights, contact The Law Offices of Gerald Brody & Associates. We provide people in San Diego and our surrounding communities with knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation.

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