Work Related Injuries that Cause Neck Pain

Workers' Compensation Claims Neck Pain San Diego.

Workplace neck injuries can result from a one-time accident or repetitive stress. Those with active jobs and those who work in conventional offices are both at risk of neck problems from a variety of sources. These may happen alongside head injuries or might arise alone.

Whatever the case, neck injury can be tough to treat. The neck has many delicate structures, including small bones and ligaments, which can take a long time to heal from trauma. Over time, simple, repetitive tasks can result in lifelong pain and restricted movement.

Understanding Neck Health in the Workplace

The neck is a sensitive, yet strong and resilient apparatus. Most of the time, people do not even realize that their daily activities might be damaging it. Over months or even years, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMD) can result.

These disorders are the long-term result of ergonomic issues in the work environment that put uneven stress on different parts of the body. They may go unnoticed until they create significant discomfort. By that point, years of physical therapy may be needed to undo the damage.

As a result, a physician should evaluate any persistent symptoms. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention for any and all lingering conditions.

What Neck Injuries Do Workers Commonly Face?

Some common neck injuries include:

Whiplash Injuries in the Workplace

Whiplash occurs when the neck is damaged through a forceful, rapid “back and forth” movement of the head and neck. It often results in severe pain and might make it impossible to move or turn the neck. This is a common complication of automobile accidents.

Repetitive Stress Injuries from the Office

Repetitive stress takes many forms. Carpal tunnel syndrome, such as nerve damage caused by operating a computer, is the most well known – but the neck can also come to harm. Prolonged over-extension of the neck can cause neck strain.

Blunt and Other Trauma Injuries in San Diego

When most people think of a workplace accident, they probably think of sudden blunt trauma – for example, a box or piece of equipment falling on the head. During a head impact, the neck can twist or become compressed in very dangerous ways.

Injured? See an Attorney Who Really Knows Workers’ Compensation in San Diego

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