10 Things to Do After a Slip and Fall Injury in San Diego

Workers' Compensation Slip & Fall San Diego.

Did you suffer a slip and fall injury in San Diego? Even before you start thinking about a slip and fall claim, there are steps you should take. It is particularly important to make the right moves early on if you plan to access workers’ compensation as a result of your injury.

At Gerald Brody & Associates, we recommend you follow these 10 steps after a slip and fall accident that results in an injury.

1. Seek First Aid if Necessary for Slip and Fall

A fall can lead to serious injury of the neck, back, and head. Even a brief head impact could result in a concussion. Before you do anything else, be sure your condition is stable.

2. Warn Others of a Possible Hazard

Everyone has a responsibility to protect the safety of colleagues and customers at work. Tell your supervisor and co-workers about the accident so the hazard can be corrected promptly.

3. Write Down Your Private Recollections Within 24 Hours of the Slip and Fall Accident

Writing down what you remember about the accident will help your memory later. It ensures that you won’t forget things or accidentally change your story in case your claim takes time.

4. Document the Workplace Accident Situation within 48 Hours

In San Diego and elsewhere, workplaces carry the necessary forms to document a workplace accident. If you don’t do this soon enough, your claim might be denied.

5. See a Physician for a Complete Check-Up

Even if you feel fine, you should see a doctor within 10 days. To meet its own obligations, your employer may request you use a doctor in the company’s insurance network.

6. Gather Information on Medical and Other Expenses

A doctor will be able to provide information on the likely costs of continuing care for your injury. This should also include a prognosis for how long you will miss work as a result.

7. Make Sure Your Workers' Compensation Claim is Complete

Your written record of the accident serves as the backbone of your claim. There may be other documents to submit, so check with the local Division of Workers’ Compensation. You may be contacted by your employer’s insurer, which will request a release of medical information.

8. Contact Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in San Diego

If there is enough time, you should consider contacting an attorney, like Gerald Brody & Associates, before you formally submit your compensation claim. This helps ensure your claim is more likely to succeed the first time.

9. Prepare for the Possibility of a Workers' Compensation Appeal

In most cases, you have the right to make an appeal if your initial workers' compensation claim is denied. If you have not yet spoken to an attorney at this stage, doing so is absolutely essential.

10. Collect Your Workers' Compensation Benefits

With the help of expert workers’ compensation lawyer Gerald Brody and his experienced legal team, San Diego residents like you collect the compensation they’re entitled to as a result of workplace injury. To find out more, contact us today by giving us a call at (619) 528-9800.