Incidents Involving Warehouse Injuries on the Rise

Warehouse Injuries San Diego

Consumers are spending more time shopping online and ordering items without ever setting foot inside a showroom or store. As a result, there are less traditional “brick and mortar” establishments and, instead, people visit websites where they browse, select and purchase their goods with the expectation it will arrive on their front porch. Not only do we expect things to be delivered directly, these items are expected to arrive in an expedited fashion. Meaning: someone somewhere is navigating a facility or warehouse to identify, package and ship an item faster than ever before.

Injuries Involving Over-lifting

As a result, incidents involving injuries at warehouses are on the rise. Most common are the injuries involving over-lifting. This type of injury occurs when an employee attempts to lift something and either cannot lift the item for it is too heavy or fails to lift the object due to fatigue which can result in a strain or far worse.

Catastrophic Injuries

As volume increases, more workers must be present to handle inventory and additional caution must be exercised whether it be moving a package, driving a forklift or climbing a stepladder to look out for others. In these situations, people risk falls and striking another worker which can cause blunt trauma which may require emergency attention and catastrophic injuries.

Safety Regulations

In most cases, employers are keen to the safety risks at their workplace and implement rules and provide equipment to mitigate the likelihood of an injury. For example, because lower back injuries are common in jobs that require lifting, many employers provide back braces for their employees. Or, an employer may require that an item at a certain weight or stored at a certain level only be lifted a certain way or with multiple people. To avoid injury, it is important to heed the safety regulations in place.

Overexertion, Forklift, or Slip & Fall Injuries

Of course, this is always easier said than done when the job has to get done or maybe a supervisor is yelling at you to work faster – that’s when accidents happen. If you’re suffering from an injury where you’ve hurt your back or shoulders due to overexertion, maybe you or someone you know has been struck by an object or forklift in a busy warehouse, or perhaps a slip & fall has occurred due to the haste that a workday requires, we’re here to help.

Claims Involving Heavy Labor in Stockrooms and Warehouses

Gerald D. Brody & Associates has handled many claims involving heavy labor performed by people who work in stockrooms, warehouses, deliver packages, move items and so on. We are familiar with injuries that these laborers can sustain to their neck, back, shoulders, hands, arms, head, legs, etc. and are able to speak with you to help obtain the medical treatment you are entitled to, the indemnity needed if you have to miss work and your maximum recovery when you have been released by your treating physician. Give us a call today at (619) 528-9800 to schedule your free consultation.