How Much Can I Expect From a Workers' Compensation Back Injury Claim?

Back injury workers compensation claim.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries account for almost 20 percent of all injuries in the workplace and are second only to the common cold for missed days of work. A back injury can happen suddenly as a result of a slip and fall or vehicle accident, or it can develop over time. Repeated lifting, moving heavy objects, poor posture, and sitting for extended periods can cause serious back injuries that may qualify employees for workers’ compensation benefits.

At the Law Office of Gerald Brody & Associates, our clients often ask us how much they can expect from a workers’ compensation back injury claim. While the exact amount depends on the unique facts of your case, there is a range that most claims fall within. If you’ve suffered a back injury at work, read on to find out how the amount of your claim is calculated and what factors influence the outcome.

How is a workers’ compensation back injury settlement calculated?

Back injuries vary from minor muscle strains that heal with chiropractic care to herniated disks that require extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Because of this, the amount of cash compensation workers receive varies quite a bit, too. Another factor that determines the ultimate cost of a back injury settlement is the location of the trauma. Lower back injuries tend to grant workers more cash compensation than upper back injuries. The cause of the injury, whether it was a vehicle accident or repetitive stress injury, and the characteristics of the spinal injury (fracture, sprain, strain, herniated disk, pinched nerve, or another type of trauma), also affect the amount a worker receives for his or her injuries.

How much can I expect from my back injury claim?

As we stated, there are many factors that determine the ultimate settlement for a back injury. After being evaluated by a doctor, your employer’s insurance carrier will assign you a disability rating in order to distribute benefits. In California, injured workers with higher disability ratings receive more compensation than workers with lower ratings. On average, injured workers receive $23,600 for back injuries, which is slightly higher than the cash compensation for all workers’ compensation claims at $21,800. Of course, some injured employees receive a lot more than $23,600. Some employees receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for serious back injuries. This depends on an employee’s ability to continue working. The best way to find out how much you can expect is to talk to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can examine the circumstances around your case.

Did you suffer a spinal injury on the job? It’s time to contact an attorney.

Back injuries can be difficult to diagnose and treat, which means they’re often denied by workers’ compensation. If you suffered an upper back injury or a lower back injury on the job, you deserve fair compensation for your losses – including payment for medical expenses, missed wages, and any permanent impairment.

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