Tips for Workplace Safety to Avoid Accidents in San Diego

Tips to avoid workplace accidents in San Diego.

Whether your job is in a warehouse, a hospital, or an office building, your employer is legally required to provide a safe work environment. However, policies and guidelines alone won’t guarantee a hazard-free workplace. As an employee, your safety is your own personal responsibility. It’s up to you, your co-workers, and management to adhere to safety standards and speak up when you identify opportunities for improvement. Here are seven things you can do to promote a safe workplace and avoid accidents on the job:

Be aware of your surroundings to avoid an accident

It’s easy to become focused on a task and block out your surroundings. However, it’s important to be attentive to those working around you. Once you know the particular risks of your workplace, you can learn to strike a balance between being productive and staying alert to potentially hazardous situations.

Report unsafe work conditions

Once you learn the risks associated with your particular jobsite, you’ll know when something looks unsafe. Keep the lines of communication open and report any hazardous conditions to your supervisor. This team mentality can protect you and those you work with from serious injury.

Reduce your stress level at work

American employees are working longer hours than ever before. Extra time spent managing a heavy workload can contribute to stress, burnout, depression, and even concentration problems. Reducing your stress and keeping your mind sharp are critical to avoiding accidents and keeping you and your co-workers safe.

Follow your office safety guidelines

Never take risks when it comes to your safety. Keep your workspace clean and organized and obey safety signs and stickers. Wear the proper equipment for a task, whether it’s earplugs, safety goggles, gloves, or a hardhat. Maintain clear pathways to emergency exits and easy access to equipment shutoffs.

Take regular breaks at work to remain alert

Under California law, employees are entitled to 30-minute meal breaks when they work more than five hours in a workday. 10-minute breaks are required for every four hours of work. Taking regular breaks will help you stay fresh and alert on the job, which can reduce the risk of a workplace accident.

Use caution when lifting heavy objects at work

If your job requires you to perform heavy lifting, take precautions to protect your back and joints. Always use both hands when lifting a cumbersome object, put the strain on your legs, and refrain from bending at the waist. Lift slowly and smoothly, and consider a back brace if you’re prone to injury.

Use tools and machinery properly

Only operate tools and machinery you’re authorized and trained to use. Keep your tools clean and organized to prevent someone from tripping or getting hit due to a misplaced object. Most importantly, obey operating instructions, never remove safety guards, and don’t leave machinery running unattended.

Have you been injured at work? Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in San Diego

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