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 "if it were not for (Gerald Brody & Associates) I would not have received the treatment that I needed and been better today"


Matthew Russell was my attorney for my workers compensation case and if it were not for him I would not have received the treatment that I needed and been better today. The workers compensation doctors wanted to make me permanent and stationary for bilateral wrist tendonitis. I was not better and no official diagnosis had been made. I would have lost my job and forever had permanent work restrictions, they had just given up on me. That's when I contacted Gerald Brody's Law Office. Matthew helped me change my primary physician to a doctor who was on my side and after my best interest, not one who worked with the workers comp insurance company. He guided me until I needed him to represent me and not only got me out of the dreadful workers comp situation that I was in, but also got me the treatment that I needed and a decent settlement for future medical treatment. I highly recommend The Law Office of Gerald and Brody, especially Matthew Russell. Thank you for all that you have done to help me.--Yelp

"My claim was settled fast and to my total satisfaction"



"It takes time and patients to deal with work comp and (Gerald Brody & Associates) most certainly has those qualities"


My case has been a real mind twister of doctors attorney's and very challenging medical problems related to my injury after fall thru an opening on a new constructed office building here in San Diego caused from a poor call, get back to work after a rainy morning on slippery decking. Gerald has stayed weekend going over the scads of documents in preparation of this case. Prior to Gerald taking over I spent many years of uncertainty. My case isn't settled but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel for once. It takes time and patients to deal with work comp and he most certainly has those qualities.--AVVO

"If it wasn't for Mr Brody representing me in a complicated work comp case, I wouldn't of had the medical treatment I needed badly"


If it wasn't for Mr Brody representing me in a complicated work comp case, I Wouldn't of had the medical treatment I needed badly. I was under his legal protection for over 12 years. In that time my company that I worked for 17 years did everything they legally could to stop my surgeries. Mr Brody and his wonderful staff ( especially Diana) saved my life by fighting tiresly in court and his office so that I got every surgery. This is the most important thing that a lawyer can do for all of their clients. When ever I had a need to contact Mr Brody he was always their for me,he never let me down. Mr Brody has been a lawyer for over 30 years and in work comp cases you couldn't be in better hands. Thank You so much Mr Brody and you Diana, you are like Family members to us.--AVVO

"He fought a very large corporation for me and was always protecting my rights as a worker and that I had the best Dr.s no matter what the cost"


Mr. Brodie was recommended to me by another person who had used him in the past. His words where, "Sharon, you really need to call this man, because these people think only of there jobs." He was right. When I first met Mr. Brodie I was in pain and felt so lost in the workers comp system. He made one call and got me into a Dr. that is consider one of the best sports Dr.s in the field. He then made sure my financial rights where protected and I didn't have to worry about my job. This case took time, and he fought a very large corporation for me and was always protecting my rights as a worker and that I had the best Dr.s no matter what the cost. To this day I know I can pick that phone up and he would be there. I have made sure my family when fighting for their rights knows who to call. Look it's so easy to feel like your alone and you hurt and your job is at risk. You may even feel threaten to sign off before your ready but STOP for just one moment, take a breath and call a man who really gives a damn. Again thank you for giving me my rights and taking the fear out of the system. Sharon--AVVO

"These professionals are attentive, committed and are 'in the know' concerning rights of the injured worker"


During the past 7 years Mr. Brody has represented me as my attorney and has provided me with excellent legal advice: He and his office staff are skilled and have directed me to the appropriate medical or counseling services as needed for my injury. These professionals are attentive, committed and are "in the know" concerning rights of the injured worker. Prompt response and attentions are given to phone calls, messages, appointments...their clients are important.--AVVO

"If you have a work related injury, call this man"


Mr. Brody was my third work/comp attorney. I don't recall who recommended him to me, but I'm sure glad they did. The pain of my injury was severe for many years and long term pain leads to a whole cascade of other medical issues. The first two attorneys were essentially worthless, letting me flounder for years, never following up on things, not returning my calls, not letting me know what was going on, what my options were, not making sure I was getting the proper medical treatment, not even listening to me. Mr. Brody was and is the opposite of all of that. By the time we met my case was a long, large, complicated mess. Most days I could barely even think and my mother, then in her 80s, did most of the driving. He listened to me and he explains things patiently, even if he has to do it over and over, which he had to because of my pain level, all the meds I was on and even because I was just worn out and depressed. I also lucked into an excellent doctor, after seeing many who didn't even believe I was in pain, and between the two of them they fought for me. It was over 11 years before my evil work/comp company finally relented and allowed me to get an intrathecal pump for the pain and I know Mr. Brody was a huge part of that. After the pain was at a livable, but not workable, level (meaning I still can't work,) I just wanted to be done with it and settle. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. He wouldn't let me. He kept saying, "I think we can get more money." He wasn't saying this because he wanted more money, he was saying that because he knew better than I did that I would need it. Six and a half more years later, the settlement amount was definitely more, and I'm so glad he wouldn't let me quit because even with the three times what I was willing to settle for, I now see it still wasn't enough. My case was over 17 years long before we settled. So thank God he fought some more. Over five years later I had some glitch with Social Security and they wanted numbers and dates that I just didn't have and couldn't remember. I called Mr. Brody's office, hoping he hadn't retired, for the info. I left a message and he returned my call less than 24 hours later. I faxed him some info from Social Security and just hours after that he calls me back with the information I needed. If you have a work related injury, call this man. You can't do any better. He will fight for you and he truly cares, as well.--AVVO

"Mr. Brody works hard for you as any decent human would when one has been wronged by another"


My mom has been working with Mr. Brody for about 14 years on her claim.  Between the hospital stays every other month and the surgery's that went wrong Mr. Brody and his staff were right by our sides the whole way.  They made sure mom did not settle for anything other than what was deserved. They took the time handling the case and not disdrubing us with minor details. Mr. Brody treated my mother as if it was his own mom.  We rarely see this kind of care these days. The team works great as whole they are above all diligent.  small or large they treat all with respect and honesty. they were always truthful. In my profession I work with many attorney's and it has not always been a treat. Mr. Brody works hard for you as any decent human would when one has been wronged by another. I would recommend Mr. Brody and his team if really want to be taken care of and be worry free. They will guide you through the process with ease and comfort. Thank you Gerald and all the staff.--Google +

"I am very grateful for their patience, time, and professionalism through the entire ordeal"

The CA workers' comp system is a frustrating, complicated nightmare that one should try to avoid, if at all possible.  If not possible, I highly recommend finding a guide to navigate you through the process so you can focus on healing!  In my case, after 6 months of trying to figure it out myself (and just about going crazy in the process), I was finally introduced to Matthew Russell and the team at Gerald Brody & Associates.  Matt was cool, calm, and collected during every interaction...which was GREATLY APPRECIATED, as I was pretty much a mess.  Quick to respond to calls and emails, his knowledge and understanding of the law and the entire WC process made it easy for me to stop worrying about the paperwork.  Having confidence in his ability to address my concerns and act on my behalf was a game changer, allowing me to let go of that stress and really concentrate of getting better and getting back to work!  I am very grateful for their patience, time, and professionalism through the entire ordeal.  And, while I sincerely hope to never need a WC attorney ever again for the rest of my life, Matt will be the first call I make if things go sideways!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!--Amber, actual client

"(Matthew Russell) negotiated a settlement that helped me get firmly back on my feet"

Dealing with the Worker's Compensation system is scary, confusing, and difficult especially when you are recovering from an injury. You will need someone who will fight with you, help you understand the laws, and guide you during a very difficult time.  Matthew Russell will do that for you. My case was complicated, time consuming, and frustrating.  Whenever I had questions, I could count on Matthew to be honest with me about my options.  He negotiated a settlement that helped me get firmly back on my feet after an extended period of being out of work.  He really had my best interest in mind. Hire him!--Anetra, actual client