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San Diego Attorneys for Landscape, Groundskeeper, and Monsanto Roundup Lawsuits

Grounds maintenance workers and landscapers keep the outdoor spaces surrounding our homes, schools, and neighborhoods looking beautiful – but their jobs are risky. According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, groundskeeping is one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the country. Landscaping, lawn service, and groundskeeping workers are routinely exposed to hazards that can cause serious injuries and long-lasting health complications.

If you’re a groundskeeper or landscape worker who’s suffered from an injury or illness related to your job, the Law Offices of Gerald D. Brody & Associates can help you file your workers’ compensation claim and receive the maximum benefits for which you qualify.

Common Injuries Sustained by Groundskeepers and Landscaping Workers

Some of the most common injuries sustained by groundskeeping workers include:

  • Falls

Landscaping often requires workers to climb up into trees and other high places, from which debilitating falls occur. Groundskeepers can also be hit by falling trees or branches or slip and trip over hazards on the ground.

  • Cuts, burns, & shocks

Working with heavy-duty gardening equipment can be dangerous. Blowers, mowers, and tools with sharp blades put landscape workers at risk of electrical injuries or serious, life-threatening lacerations.

  • Heat exhaustion

Groundskeepers spend practically all of their working hours outdoors, performing heavy physical labor in the heat and humidity. This can lead to a variety of heat-related health conditions, such as rashes, cramps, and heat stroke.

  • Skin cancer

All those long hours outside under the San Diego sun puts many grounds maintenance workers at risk of skin cancer, including the most dangerous form, melanoma.

  • Repetitive strain

Some injuries aren’t acute, but rather a cumulative result of repetitive motions. Landscapers who routinely rake, trim hedges, or lift heavy items may suffer from repetitive stress injuries.

The Dangers of Pesticides for Grounds Maintenance Workers

Perhaps the most insidious and devastating danger facing grounds maintenance workers is the constant exposure to toxic pesticides and herbicides. Inhaling the vapors from these deadly chemicals, or coming into contact with them on the skin, can make a person extremely sick. The symptoms of pesticide poisoning range from mild to severe, causing conditions such as asthma, nerve damage, or cancer.

Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer Cancer Lawsuits

The lasting health effects of chronic herbicide exposure has been the subject of several lawsuits, including the Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer cancer lawsuits, in which at least three separate juries have found the company deliberately failed to warn the public about the potentially carcinogenic effects of the active ingredient, glyphosate. Roundup has been linked to several cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and Monsanto now faces thousands of lawsuits across the country.

Injured Grounds Maintenance Workers Have Legal Rights

Groundskeepers and landscape workers who’ve been injured on the job are protected by California labor laws, including agricultural and farm workers, as well as those who are undocumented. Workers’ compensation can help to cover the cost of medical bills, make up for lost income, and relieve financial hardships encountered as a result of the injury. Some workers are eligible for additional damages, especially after suffering a long-term work-related disability or chronic illness. 

Unfortunately, the process of filing for workers’ compensation can be unnecessarily complicated, and some employers have a history of denying coverage to those who need it the most. That’s where help from an experienced workers’ comp attorney comes in. At Gerald Brody & Associates, we thoroughly review every case and fight for our clients’ rights to compensation.

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