Workplace accident workers' compensation lawsuit.

Neck and back injuries can strike in an instant and may have life-long consequences. It’s crucial that San Diego workers understand their rights in relation to these serious workplace injuries.

Am I at a High Risk of Neck or Back Injuries?

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Many workers in San Diego are at elevated risk of neck or back injuries. Across all categories, construction workers are most likely to become victims of workplace accidents. These can be caused by falling loads, improper trenching, collapsing scaffolds and a variety of other issues.

Those working in manufacturing or logistics should also beware. Even a few seconds of operator distraction can cause a serious accident with cranes, forklifts or other heavy devices. In and around fulfillment centers, vehicle accidents can take place without warning.

Although some industries are more dangerous than others, anyone can suffer an injury at work. Office workers who engage in the same tasks every day can develop repetitive stress injuries that often affect the neck, back and shoulders. It can take months or even years for these to develop. Back pain and herniated discs are also common.

What Should I Do After a Neck or Back Injury?

If you suffer any kind of spinal injury at work, it’s important to take action fast:

Document your injury in writing as soon as you are able

Your workplace will have the appropriate forms to make an “incident report.” It’s essential you do this within 24 hours. If 48 hours or more pass without documentation, your case may be adversely affected.

See a doctor for a complete medical examination

Your employer may ask you to see a physician within the company’s insurance network. This is a very common practice, but it is important to remember that you can always seek a second opinion.

Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney

In most cases, documenting your injury and filing your initial claim are done at the same time. However, it can take weeks to hear about the status of your claim afterwards. Professional guidance is essential.

If you can still work following your injury, your employer is obligated to make any reasonable accommodations necessary so you can continue your duties. If you cannot work, you may be entitled to significant compensation, including medical bills arising from the accident.

Does Your Neck or Back Injury Merit Workers’ Compensation?

If you were injured while performing your duties for your employer, odds are good that you can file for workers’ compensation in San Diego. Compensation may be possible in unusual situations, such as working from home, at a different worksite or at a client’s site. You can receive compensation for immediate medical bills, ongoing care, and even your pain and suffering.

Neck and Back Workers' Compensation Assistance

Expert help is essential for protecting your legal rights and getting the appropriate compensation in connection with your claim. Don’t try to do it all alone! Contact Gerald Brody & Associates today for expert legal assistance. Call (619) 528-9800.