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Have you sustained a slip and fall injury at work or while working from home? This is one of the most common workplace accidents, but it should be taken very seriously. Even a “mild” fall can lead to debilitating injury of the back, neck, shoulders or even the brain.

Here’s what you need to know about slip and fall injuries in the workplace.

Am I at High Risk of Suffering a Slip and Fall Injury?

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Construction workers are at the highest risk of workplace accidents in San Diego. However, slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. People working in retail and food service face significant risks – situations that contribute to slip and fall accidents arise in these types of businesses daily.

Under California labor law, you do not need to prove anyone was “at fault” in a slip and fall accident to advance a workers’ compensation claim. This is true no matter whether you are in a “high-risk” or “low-risk” occupation.

What Should I Do After a Slip or Fall Injury?

After any workplace accident, the first thing to do is secure any emergency medical care you might need.

Once the situation is under control, the details of the accident should be reported to your employer. A verbal statement is fine at first – it allows the accident scene to be secured quickly – but you should complete formal written documentation within 48 hours.

As soon as you have documented an injury, you can begin on your workers’ compensation claim. At this stage, it is essential to seek a full medical evaluation. This helps you better understand the long-term ramifications of your accident and the potential costs of treatment.

For the initial evaluation after an accident, your employer may request you use a doctor within their insurance network. Remember: You can always seek a second opinion if you feel unsure. Your employer is not allowed to hinder your claim in any way.

Does Your Slip and Fall Injury Merit Workers Compensation?

If you sustained your injury while performing duties for an employer, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation. Even employees who were working from home or at a different location than the usual work site can make a claim.

An injury does not have to be of a certain kind or severity to qualify. For example, repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, which may take years to develop, can qualify just like a slip and fall accident can.

If You’ve Suffered a Slip and Fall Injury, Call Gerald Brody & Associates

The facts are clear: Even if you feel you did something that led to your accident, you should talk to a lawyer. Only a qualified workers’ compensation attorney can evaluate the situation, protect your rights and fight for you in court. To find out more, please contact Gerald Brody & Associates by calling (619) 528-9800.