Spanish-Speaking Workers' Compensation Attorneys in San Diego

spanish speaking lawyer.

The Law Offices of Gerald Brody and Associates in San Diego is proud to share a border with our good friends in Mexico, and are very appreciative of the Hispanic individuals and heritage that help make San Diego great. That is why we have a Spanish-speaking lawyer on staff, fluent in the language and able to communicate with people who are more comfortable speaking en espaƱol.

We Bridge the Communication Gap

When talking to a lawyer, it is usually a conversation full of jargon, sayings, and technical terms. To someone who has learned English as a second language, it can be hard to keep up. We help bridge the communication gap, speaking directly in your native language of Spanish so all you need to worry about is understanding the details of your workers' compensation case.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer Who is Fluent in Spanish

We are sure you have heard many people claim they are "fluent" in Spanish, only to watch them mangle pronunciations and use poor grammar. The Spanish-speaking lawyer at Gerald Brody and Associates Law Firm are truly fluent, able to rapidly converse in Spanish without missing a beat. For some, even if they have a full grasp of the Spanish language, they still need to translate it from English to Spanish in their head before speaking. This can lead to a jilted conversation with long pauses. At Gerald Brody, we can provide instant workers' compensation advice in perfect Spanish.

Contact Gerald Brody for a Workers' Compensation Consultation in Spanish

If you are injured in an accident that occurred while you were working, you may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. The team at Gerald Brody and Associates are not only workers' compensation experts, but we also have a fluent Spanish-speaking lawyer on staff. If you are interested in speaking with a fluent Spanish speaker about your workers' compensation case, contact us today. Give us a call at (619) 528-9800.